Corporate solutions in Poland

Register a company in Poland with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Ready-made company in Poland

Our company provides services for the sale of shelf companies in Poland. All ready-made companies have certificates of tax contributions and social insurance. We check the company for debts. We guarantee that the company has no obligation (we provide a notarized document). We also provide complete accounting documentation for the last year and all concluded contracts for the provision of various services with media providers, etc.


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We can provide you with a list of ready-made companies for sale in Poland, according to your requests and needs. Please contact us to advise you on prices and tax issues.

Benefits when buying a company

In some cases, instead of registering a new company in Poland, it is necessary to buy an existing company. There are many reasons why such companies are in demand among foreign businesspersons.

It is necessary to conclude a large deal and urgently send the company details or an invoice to the other party.

Company image and reliability
Often, newly incorporated companies come across as unreliable. Buying a company with a history of existence allows you to create an image of a reliable partner and supplier.

Compliance with formal requirements
In some cases, there are requirements for the time of existence and the previous history of business activities, for participation in competitions for obtaining government funding or public procurement, as well as for obtaining bank financing.

3 simple steps

In only 3 main steps you can get a ready made company in Poland.

Step 1

The first step is choosing a company and preparing a purchase and sale agreement;

Step 2

The second step, preparation of documents for registration of changes in the composition of owners and members of the board, name, and legal address, etc. in the Register of Enterprises of Poland, Moreover we will change some details in the National Court Register;

Step 3

In addition, our company can help you open a bank account and provide a legal address (if necessary) in Poland.

Our solutions

We will change the company name, address and PKD codes in just a few business days. We will fully adapt the company to your business as soon as possible, and you will be able to enter the European market without problems and delays.

Our firm acquires Ready-made companies in Poland with an impeccable reputation. Rest assured that companies do not have problems with loans or debts. These companies have not signed a promissory note, and they have no assets or real estate.

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Company registration in Poland is also an option.