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Register a company in Poland with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Acquire or register company in Poland

Modern Poland is one of the few countries in Europe where economic performance and social standards are constantly improving. This makes Poland a favorable place for opening a company there. Poland is a country of developed infrastructure, high investment climate, flexible tax policy, and much more. Our lawyers will help you register a company in a Poland jurisdiction, comply with all new regulatory acts. Besides, we provide services for the registration of a virtual office, trademark, brand name, patent, and intellectual property in the Republic of Poland.

Buy ready-made company

When you conduct international business, it is very beneficial to own commercial organizations registered in different countries. Buying a ready-made company in Poland could be a good idea In some cases, instead of registering a new company.
Firstly, it is urgent, so you don’t need to waste time, and you could start your business as soon as possible.
Secondly, buying a company with a history of existence allows you to create an image of a reliable partner and supplier.
We will fully adapt the company to your business in a few weeks, and you could be able to enter the European market without problems and delays.

Sell your company

If you decide that you will no longer be involved in the firm, you can sell it. Our experts will analyze whether your organization can develop further and how promising it is.

We will advise you on how to increase the value of your company.

Further, we will assist you to prepare all the necessary documents for the sale of your business in Poland.

Company requirements

If you want to register a company in Poland, you also need to register a legal address, VAT number, brand name, trademark. Our company provides solutions in the field of business registration and registration of a legal entity in Poland.



A legal address is a prerequisite for registering a company in Poland. Renting a virtual legal address is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who want to register their business while avoiding high office rental fees. A virtual office allows a company not to have a physical presence in Poland in a given location. You will also be able to receive and send business correspondence.


According to Shareholder’s agreements in Poland, each shareholder is entitled to oversee a company that does not have a supervisory board. One of the rights of Polish shareholders is to check company books and documents. A shareholder, together with a Polish accountant, can request a balance sheet from the board for personal use.


Director (at least one). This position can be occupied by an individual or legal entity without any restrictions and residency requirements. You can find out more detailed information if you contact us.


To obtain an individual VAT number, you must fill out a special application form with the Tax Authority before starting to carry out activities, the income from which is subject to VAT.


Registration of different types of companies is possible in Poland – Private limited liability company – (SP. z o.o.) The minimum share capital of SP. z o.o. is 5000 zł or 1250 EUR, and the public limited company (Spółka akcyjna) a share capital contribution of at least 100000 zl or 23500 EUR.

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We provide a full range of services for the registration of virtual office, trademark, brand name, patent intellectual property in Poland jurisdiction. We will register your business promptly.

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