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Company formation in Poland

Modern Poland is one of the few countries in Europe where economic performance and social standards are constantly improving. This makes Poland a favorable place for doing business there. It is a country of developed infrastructure, flexible tax policy and  high investment climate.

Considering Poland

There are a lot of benefits to have doing business in Poland:

  • Since 1999 the country is a member of NATO, since 2004 – a member of the European Union, and since 2007 it has entered the Schengen zone;
  • Poland has one of the highest purchasing power indicators in the world (wages are enough to meet all needs);
  • Developed transport and road infrastructure.

By becoming the owner of a Polish company, an entrepreneur gains access to European values of doing business: a stable banking system, profitable lending, and government support. 

Get business registered

Choosing the right legal form is a responsible task and requires a lot of knowledge and experience about each of the type of legal entity. Our team of experts has a lot of experience in this field and help with legal services on daily bases.

Business formation steps

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in Poland must meet several requirements to quickly and correctly get started on the Poland market.

1st Market research

The very first step in the company formation process is market research and entry.

2nd Choosing the company name

The second step is to choose unique legal name of a company in Poland.

3rd Document preparation

The third step includes a lot of paperwork and document preparation.

4th Bank account

Every company in Europe should open a corporate bank account.

5th Tax identification number

Obtaining from the tax service a tax identification number and a VAT number.

6th License acquisition

The last step is to acquire a business license for the business.

Our company offers comprehensive services for the formation of a company, we will help you prepare documents, obtain the necessary licenses, open a bank account so that your company successfully enters the Poland market.

Market research and entry

The very first step before starting a company is doing the research of the market. Only when research is done, the next step is the market entry and company registration.

Market research

Market research is the systematic search, collection, analysis, and presentation of data and information related to a specific market situation faced by an enterprise. Based on well-conducted research, the company gets the opportunity to reduce business risks and possible losses.

Market entry

The very necessary question for any businesspersons who would like to enter the market is “why?” The businessman should figure out whether it wants to increase turnover, expand the geography of sales, or attract foreign currency. When you have set a clear task and wrote a business plan, then the entrepreneur should analyze the market, the market dynamics, the country’s trade balance, production volume, and import volume.

Consultation about company formation

Given the state’s interest in a transparent and continuously developing investment climate on its territory, according to local legislation, the registration of a business in Poland is not burdened with complicated requirements. Our team of lawyers and economists will help you register a company in Poland, and will advise you on all matters of registering a company.

You can register a company by these legal forms:

Limited Liability company

The most common form of incorporation In Poland is a Limited Liability Company. This type of company is suitable for all commercial purposes – from commodity trading to asset management.

Joint Stock Company

JSC has a very similar structure as an LLC. Joint-stock companies’ stocks(shares) can be the subject of public trade. These shares of the stock can be bought and sold by other shareholders.

Holding Company

Holding Company is meant to hold the outstanding stock of other companies. This type of companies’ purpose is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group.

Branch Office

The branch office is used for companies to satisfy customer needs for face-to-face interaction. Depending on the needs of the business, the Branch office can consist of a single individual or It can be staffed.

The most common form of incorporation In Poland is LLC (Spółka z o.o). This type of company is suitable for all commercial purposes – from commodity trading to asset management.
To open a company remotely, you only need one director and shareholder, who may be foreign citizens. A registered local office is also required.
LLC is suitable for almost all commercial needs. The share capital (minimum share capital amount is 5000 zł 1250 EUR)
For more information about company formation in Poland, please contact us.

Accounting solution

All businesses in Poland have to do bookkeeping for their company and complete all conditions and laws of the country. We will take care of all the paperwork. We have an accountant with huge work experience.  

Our company has many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to register a company in Poland, and we provide a solution for your business. Our lawyers, accountants, and business consultants will help you with the process of registering a company and the further conduct of your business.
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